4 Times Instagram Stars Proved Cellulite Is Totally Normal

It can sometimes be challenging not to compare yourself to picture-perfect models you see on social media. But more and more of those models are using their platforms to proudly show off stretch marks and cellulite, empowering their followers and proving that so-called "imperfections" are completely normal. Sophie Turner, a model from the United Kingdom, recently shared a behind-the-scenes snapshot from a photo shoot she participated in.In the image,Turner's thigh is center stage, and (gasp!) she has cellulite."I was angry when I seen [sic] this pic because Of [sic] my cellulite - It was on my mind but why should it?" she wrote. "I am more than #cellulite I am more than the #bellyrolls and the #backfat and #celluliteisnormal." The model went on to explain that cellulite is natural part of a woman's body, and she's had it since she was 12 years old. Turner isn't the first influencer to post unretouched photos on social media. Supermodel Ash…

Meet Our CarbLovers

Meet this group of dieters who are filling up on banana shakes, fish tacos, and sirloin steak, but are still losing weight.
May 17, 2010

Last week here at Health’s Alabama office, we kicked off an exciting project: A group of 14 women and two men are trying our new diet plan, The CarbLovers Diet. We’ve been working on this diet for two years, and it’s based on emerging research about “resistant starch”—a starch that can help boost your weight-loss efforts, and is naturally found in foods like bananas, potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, and bread. (Yes, carbs are back on the menu!)
Getty Images I started reading about and researching resistant starch, and have worked some of the principles into my own life. For example, I eat beans every day now (usually in my breakfast burrito, sometimes on a lunch salad), and they help keep me full. But satiety’s just one of the benefits of resistant starch. Resistant starch also helps you cut calories, boost your body’s metabolism, burn more fat, reduce…